Wednesday, July 31, 2013

home decor

have you waited long enough?

i'm finally ready to share my easy-as-pie decorating tip. i really wanted to wait until i felt the wall was "finished," but i'm realizing that will probably take a few months of income and inspiration. anyways, like i've mentioned a dozen times, i'm currently broke and trying to make it to the end of august without spending money. 

ta-da! embroidery hoops are super cheap, and so are fabric samples. think $5 for the whole set, and that's rounding way up. simply fill some up, and cover your wall in whatever colors, patterns, and sizes you want! it looks like my hoop is empty, but it actually has a delicately patterned white piece of fabric covering it. to attach the fabric to the hoop, you can sew it up around the back, hot glue it, or decoupage. i went the decoupage route, because i had some glue and know how to make homemade modge podge. i'm going to mix and match hoops as well as some photographs, sketches, etc. (like that little chanel bottle eek! how cute) that i have around my home. hopefully the effect will be a boho-glam gallery wall. i'm going for a "minimalist" look in my bedroom, so my bedding is off-white and a lot of the decor will be as well. i have some lace paper that will be in a hoop too, but i want a much smaller hoop for that, so i'm waiting before i put it up. what do you think? are you digging the minimalist look? is all or mostly white too much for you? 

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