Saturday, December 29, 2012


Do you like pizza? You know you do.

I told my roommate there are two things she can find in the fridge if I'm having a bad day: cheese dip or pizza. Classy, right? To be specific, my downfall is delivery pizza. You know, the kind you can order online, without talking to anyone in person? It's a good way to avoid any shame. Well, this weekend was no different.

As soon as I ordered the pizza, I realized that it was maybe a little bit of self-destructive behavior. The first two pieces were delicious, and it went downhill from there. Anyways, I've decided to give up my crux in 2013. You might ask, what in the world will you replace the pizza with, Celeste?? I'm asking myself the very same question.

During a stint of one of my other favorite things, pinning recipes I can't make and clothes I can't afford, I stumbled upon this little article on Women's Health Magazine's website. What? Eating that beats stress? Yum!

What about you? What are you giving up or adding to your new year? How do you beat stress or the blues?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


To be fair, I'm starting this blog with a cold that makes me feel like I have a tube of sandpaper in place of my throat, but I'm too excited to not write another post.

I'm a big goal-setter. I write lots of to-do lists. I mean, probably at least one a day. Usually, I will write them while I'm supposed to be paying attention in class (oops), shove them in the pocket of my jacket or my purse on my way out of said class, and then forget about them until a minimum of two days later. Needless to say, this is not an effective method of setting goals.

The new year is headed fast my way, and I want to set some goals this year that I will keep track of on this blog. Now, I know all about SMART goals, but truth be told I'm feeling lazy. So, here's a list of the goals I'm thinking of.

Be healthier.
I think keeping my health is my main goal. I want to cook more, eat out less. Work on my fitness levels, watch less tv, read more. Maintain some level of sanity. Find a balance. These days I am pretty good about cooking as opposed to eating out. However, I am starting a full time internship in a week, and I don't want to see this habit go down the drain.

Save money.
This one I can be pretty smart about. I have a pretty sweet tutoring gig, but I've been blowing the income on my favorite things: drinks with my friends and useless home decor. I'd like to save all (or at least most?) of the money I make from tutoring this semester. You can tell the part of my heart reserved for fancy cocktails is already cringing.

Try new things.
I want to do a lot of new things. I want to knit. Ride a bike instead of driving. Join a CSA! Garden. The hard part is, which ones do I really want to do?

What goals do you have for the new year? What kind of goals have you stuck to and completed?
Any advice for my goals?

Dying for some action

I clipped this blog's name from one of my favorite songs. For me, it represents a combination of nostalgia and uncontrollable dancing.

I hope to use this space as a creative outlet, to share things I love, and to focus.

So who am I? I'm a twenty two year old student, about to start my last semester of college. I love cooking, pretty things, and my best friends. I live in a small house, in an amazing city. I'm a horrible writer, but enthusiastic about this space. Thanks for joining me on this ride!