Thursday, June 27, 2013

Books and things

I've been off on a trip abroad! I spent last week in Mexico, as a lovely graduation present from my parents. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Before I left, I was waiting to post again until I finished a book, because I really wanted to talk about it on here. I was moving my books from my parents' house into my new apartment, and noticed a book by Nicole Krauss on my bookshelf. I'd never seen it before, so who knows where it came from! It's called The History of Love, and I'd actually pinned it months ago. I read it over a few days, even though it's a fairly short and easy read. It's a mash up of several intertwined story lines, including a refugee from WWII, a Jewish girl whose father passed away, and an author of a book that changes all of their lives. It reminded me of Jonathan Safran Foer's novels, but perhaps a bit drier. It was perfect beach reading material, but I unfortunately finished it before my vacation.

On my vacations, I like to have several books to read, because I won't read most of the time at home. I spaced on stopping by the library before, so I stopped at my best friend's apartment instead. I picked up a couple books, but only got to one of them. Oddly enough, I chose to read Lolita on the beach. I had never read it, and I feel like the classics are something everyone should read. I don't know how I feel about the book. It was difficult to read, not because it was too dry or anything, but because of the content. It was easy to forget Lolita was a child, and that made it hard to swallow. I finished it however, on the night we got back from Mexico. Any thoughts on Lolita? What classics do you feel are a must read? Any other book recommendations? 

Next week, I'll be moving finally, so expect to hear more from me! 

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