Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bitter and not at all sweet

So, day two of no pizza and also my first full day at my new internship. (I've also got this sweet gig volunteering to help teach kids how to cook healthy delicious foods in an after school program, and my first day was today!) I had this tantalizing image in my head the entire drive home: a gorgeous, orange sweet potato dripping with butter and slightly caramelized from the oven. I opened the fridge when I got home, and then remembered how long ago I'd cooked the sweet potato. It was not a pretty picture.

Eh, whatever. I've got a couple foods in the fridge, no problem. I get this amazing idea: red beans and rice with the kielbasa I bought yesterday. Except, no red beans on hand, but I had black beans. Then, I thought omg beer. And risotto! And cheddar! Sounds like a good idea right? I've been wanting to try and create my own "recipes," so I googled to see if other people had done similar things. They had. So I went right ahead. Grabbed an IPA, some onion, garlic, risotto, cheese, kielbasa.. All it needed was a kick. I noticed a can of tomatoes and green chiles, so I grabbed that too. I started cooking my risotto and onions and garlic and beer concoction. It tasted soooooo good. Then, I think I made what was the fatal mistake. In went that can of tomatoes and green chiles. Despite the label "MILD" on the front of the can, it was spicy as hades. I think this numbed my tongue a bit. I added in the cheddar and kielbasa, and it seemed too good to be true. It was.

I just sat down with a large bowl and took a bite. I have never been more disappointed in my life. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But, the dish was so bitter, I am now just eating tiny little bites, avoiding the tomatoes and lapping up the kielbasa. Granted, it could have been a bad choice of beer or the cheese might have been too funky, but I think it was something in that can. Oh well, at least I tried!

This is me being disappointed and tired and cranky.

Oh, and happy new year! 

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